Police Department


In any emergency immediately dial 911.

For non-emergencies call the Collin County Sheriff’s Office dispatch center at 972-547-5350.

The Lavon Police Department is dispatched by Collin County Sheriff’s office (CCSO). CCSO dispatch has the ability to contact the available officer and send any other assistance you may need.

It is important that you DO NOT call the Lavon City Hall or the Lavon Police Records Division to reach an officer. Contacting City Hall or the Lavon Police Records can significantly delay police response.


We serve and protect the community with Honor and Integrity.


Welcome to the web presence for the City of Lavon Police Department. While the Police department is the public face of crime fighting, criminal misconduct is a problem that must be addressed by the entire community. It is the duty of our police officers to suppress crime; to identify offenders once crime occurs; and to arrest offenders when appropriate. We shall perform these duties to the best of our ability. To be effective, we require and must strive to obtain, the active cooperation, assistance, and support of the citizens we serve.

Two elements are necessary for a crime to occur: the desire of the offender to commit the crime and the opportunity for him to do so. Often police efforts are intended to eliminate and minimize this opportunity. The most effective means available to the police for crime prevention is meaningful deployment of available personnel; an informed and cooperative community; and the willingness of citizens to report criminal activity. Aggressive crime prevention activities by both police personnel and citizens are necessary.

The community and our Police Officers working together will keep our City a wonderful place to live. It continues to be a pleasure and an honor to serve this outstanding community since 1999.


Chief Jones began his career in law enforcement in 1981 as a Deputy Sheriff in the State of Wyoming.  Chief Jones joined the City of Lavon Police Department in 1999.  He served as Chief of Police from 1999 to 2003.  From 2003 to 2012, he served as the Lavon City Marshal.  In 2013, Chief Jones returned to the position of Chief of Police where he continues to serve the City of Lavon.

Chief Jones graduated from Texas A&M University-Commerce in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree.  In 2016, he graduated from Texas A&M University-Commerce with his Master of Science in Applied Criminology.  Chief Jones holds a Master Peace Officer Proficiency Certificate and is licensed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement as a Law Enforcement Instructor & Field Training Officer.  Chief Jones attended the FBI National Academy Association Texas Command College-2017.

You can contact Chief Jones at mjones@lavontx.gov or at 972-843-4219.

Patrol Division

Every officer, including the Chief of Police, serves as part of our Patrol Division. In addition to our fulltime officers, Lavon Police Reserve Officers and our newly created Police Support Staff assist in providing patrol services to the City. In most cases, the Patrol Officer will be the first point of contact for our citizens.

The Patrol Division is the primary prevention and apprehension part of our agency. The Lavon Police Department provides 24 hours a day – 7 days week coverage for the City of Lavon and the City of Nevada. Our Patrol Services answer calls for service; enforce traffic laws; investigate motor vehicle collisions; take criminal reports; conduct initial investigations; respond to emergencies; provide first responder care in medical emergencies; and are representatives of law enforcement to our citizens and visitors.

Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) tasked with the investigations of all major crimes in the City of Lavon and the City of Nevada. Each member of CID also serves in the Administration Division, the Patrol Division or both. CID consists of the Chief, the Patrol Lieutenant, and Investigators.

Crime Prevention

Lavon Police Department Crime Prevention Division handles all social media, Community Relations and Crime Prevention duties. Members also participate in community events, as well as other educational and community service activities. Examples of some Community Programs are: National Night Out, Halloween Patrol, Participation in the City of Lavon’s Camp 911, Community ISD’s Shattered Dreams Program, as well as National Drug Take Back. The Crime Prevention Division consists of one full time officer, but often multiple staff members help to run programs throughout the year.

Reserve Police Office Program

The Lavon Reserve Police Officer Program utilizes sworn unpaid volunteer police officers to supplement the paid staff. Reserve Officers are licensed by the State of Texas as police officers; face the same stringent standards as paid police officers; and have the same authority as a regular paid police officer.

Police Support Program Volunteer Unit

The Lavon Police Support Program Volunteer Unit (PSPVU) is a program division of the Police Support Program within the Lavon Police Department that utilizes non-sworn unpaid volunteer personnel to perform some duties within the department that do not require the authority of a sworn police officer.  Police Support Volunteers (PSV) may be assigned to serve in the following capacities: Administrative Services Support (records); Criminal Investigative Support (CID); and Field Services Support (patrol). 

Records Division

The Police Records Division is open Monday through Friday 8am-12pm & 1pm-5pm. For copies of reports, police records or to contact the police administration, you may contact the Police Records Division at 972-843-4219.

How to make a Complaint

Texas State Law, Texas Government Code Sec 614.022 states: To be considered by the head of a state agency or by the head of a fire department or local law enforcement agency, the complaint must be: (1) in writing; and (2) signed by the person making the complaint. 

If you wish to make a complaint against a law enforcement officer, you can do so by downloading and completing the complaint form and returning the form to: 

Lavon Police Department
P.O. Box 340
Lavon, TX 75166 

Download a Complaint Form here

Important 9-1-1 Information

More people are communicating wirelessly with 60 percent of the nation’s 240 million 911 calls being placed through cell phones. This raises a concern regarding the reliability of emergency calls placed through cell phones vs. landline phones.

Landline and VoIP 911 operators are significantly more likely to find callers by determining the location of their phone. More than one-third of landline and VoIP users are located in that manner compared with only 7 percent of cell callers. Landline and VoIP 911 give the operator your home address, including an apartment number if it appears on your phone bill. With cellular, operators see only geographic coordinates.

To minimize confusion and increase response time, it is important to use the following protocol when calling 911 with a cellular phone.

1. Never assume that your location can be determined

2. State the city and address of your location

3. State the type of emergency you have

4. If disconnected from 911, call back

Note to Parents: Many younger adults and children have come to rely upon their cellular phones as their only source of telecommunications. Please make them aware of the above protocol.

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