Lavon Code of Regulation

The City as a subdivision of the State of Texas has the authority to pass laws. The laws of the City are passed by Ordinance. Texas Local Government Code 53.001 authorizes a City to codify the City Ordnances. What this means is numerous laws of the city are condensed in a single unified Code. This Code has a unifying structure, order and history. In addition a Code of laws or regulations is easier to understand and the structure is similar to State and Federal laws.

On April 6, 2010 the City Council passed Ordinance 2010-04-01 approving the initial Code of Regulations for the City of Lavon. It is anticipated the full codification of Ordinances will take several years, however as new ordinances are addressed, the Code is amended to reflect the changes.

The Code of Regulations is broken into several Titles. Title 1, Definitions and Structure deals with the design and construction of the Code itself along with definitions used throughout the various Titles. Title 2, Health and Safety are the laws we normally think of such as traffic laws and animal control laws. Title 3, Administration is the structure of the City, the duties of officers and employees and the rules that govern how these duties are performed. Title 4, Land Use will cover zoning, maps and parks. The City may add as many Titles as necessary to complete the Code of Regulations.

As the codification is a work in progress, many items remain to be addressed within the Lavon Code of Regulations. As such, be sure to check other City Ordinances and contact City Hall with any questions.