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Fire Services


The Lavon Fire Department and  Fire Marshal’s Office are committed to decreasing the number and severity of all fires within our City, through an active code enforcement program, public education activities, engineering and plans review. These services are provided utilizing well trained and highly motivated personnel who appreciate the importance of customer service and fire safety education.

When fires and other emergencies do occur, the staff members are well trained and equipped to provide proper response, through fire extinguishment, cause investigations, and if needed, to assist in the prosecution of those who are responsible for setting illegal fires within the City.



The City of Lavon is committed to providing emergency services designed to protect the lives and property of the community from the adverse effects of fire, sudden medical emergencies or exposure to dangerous conditions created either by man or nature through effective response, education and training with support from our city leaders.

Members of the volunteer fire service are dedicated to protecting the lives and property of the people of our community. Local citizens are part of a team that takes pride in representing the City of Lavon through the Lavon Volunteer Fire Department (LVFD). Working in unison, the Fire Marshal’s Office and the LVFD strive to effectively protect all those that call Lavon home, as well as those just passing through.

Access the LVFD website here !

PPC Rating CLASS 4/4X

In February 2020, the City of Lavon received notification that the Insurance Services Office (ISO) recommended a classification change in the City’s Public Protection Classification (PPC) to a CLASS 4/4X, effective June 1, 2020.

About the City of Lavon Fire Services

The following are the components of the department:

• Administration

• Operations

• Fire Marshal

• Emergency Management



· Administer budget activities

· Coordinate emergency and fire rescue services

· Emergency Response Staffing(ERS) administration and personnel management

· Represents the City on the:

–Collin County Fire Chief’s Association

–Southeast Collin County E.M.S. Coalition



• Oversee proper use and maintenance of city facilities, vehicles, and equipment

• Pre-planning, risk identification, and risk mitigation through coordinated efforts with internal and external partners


Fire Marshal 

· The City contracts with the Collin County Fire Marshal’s Office to enforce the provisions of the Fire Safety code and the laws and regulations of City of Lavon

· Acts as the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ/Fire Code) for the City of Lavon; investigate fires and safety related complaints; reviews building and fire sprinkler plans to assure fire code requirements are met; perform fire inspections and maintains comprehensive records of all business transacted such as complaints, inspections, investigations, notices served and permits written.

Emergency Management

· Disaster Planning, Response and Recovery

· Local Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

· EOC and Resource Management

· Collin County EM committee member

· HAZMAT Response Coordinator

· Emergency Public Information

· Outdoor Warning Systems

A Message from Civil Defense-Emergency Management…

As of 01JAN21 *NEW* testing time is 2:00PM the first Wednesday of each month!

Contact information

Emergency Contact: 911

Fire Marshal……………………………………Collin County Fire Marshal

For assistance or to schedule a fire inspection, please contact Leann McClendon at Lavon City Hall .


Fire Safety Inspections

Through an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement, the Collin County Fire Marshal conducts fire safety inspections of public and private buildings and facilities throughout the City, including commercial buildings, daycare and elder-care centers, foster homes, hospitals, hotels and motels, university and college buildings, and other buildings upon request or complaint.

Inspections of storage, handling and use of flammable liquids are conducted at retail service stations as well.

Fire Safety Inspections Information and Questions

What is a fire inspection?

The best way to prevent a fire is to prevent them from occurring. Routine fire inspections are one of the most effective ways to do that. The purpose of inspections are multifold:

1. Identify and correct fire code violations.

2. Educate business and property owners about the fire code and general fire safety.


When is a Fire Inspection required?

Fire Inspections are required for any new commercial occupancy, change of occupancy or modification to any part of the building or facility.


How often is an inspection required?

In most cases, we strive to inspect all business semi-annually, with target hazards annually. The Fire Inspector will contact you to schedule an inspection or drop by your business and ask to do an inspection at a convenient time.


What will the inspector be looking for during an inspection?

Fire inspectors look at many items in your place of business. So that you may have a better idea and understanding of what to keep an eye on in regard to maintenance, we have provided the following checklist. (Needs an internal web page link that we can update)


Which code does the City of Lavon use for its inspection code?

The Current adopted Fire Safety Code is International Fire Code (IFC), 2018 as of 9/21/2018 with amendments.


Do I need an inspection if I provide in home child care?



Do I need to install sprinklers?

Buildings more than 55 feet in height must have automatic sprinkler systems throughout the building. Any new building with a fire area exceeding 5,000 square feet, old buildings that have been remodeled or renovated, or any single tenant expansion requiring a new certificate of occupancy that increases the fire area beyond 12,000 must have fire sprinkler systems installed throughout the building.

We always recommend sprinklers in all facilities and even in new homes. With the cost of residential sprinkler systems now at all-time lows, new home owners should consider at R13 system during construction. See NFPA 13 for more details and occupancy requirements.


Fire Safety Links

Fire Safety Notices Issued by the State Fire Marshal.

State Fire Marshal’s Office Programs and Education Resources

Collin County Fire Marshal’s Office

972-548-5576 (McKinney)

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

TIFMAS(Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System) is maintained by Texas A&M Forest Service





In order to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Lavon, Atricle 6.05 Open Burn of the Code of Ordanance prohibits burning within the City of Lavon, with only a few exceptions.

In addition, The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) enacted legislation that prohibited most burning inside of Collin County due to air quality issues that exist.

Collin County no longer issues burn permits.

General FAQ’s

Below is a list of common questions we get at the Fire Department:

What is our current PPC (ISO) rating inside the City of Lavon?

Effective on June 1, 2020, the PPC (ISO) rating is a Class 4/4X, upgraded from the previous rating of Class 6/6X. Learn more here.

How do I report information about a possible arson?

Contact the Lavon Police Department at 972/843-4219

How can I learn more about home fire safety issues?

Please visit any of our fire prevention education pages at the LVFD website.

Do you offer tours of the Fire Station?

Yes! We love giving tours, please drop by weekdays between 9am-3pm.

For group tours, please contact Chief Danny Anthony at  .

How can I dispose of household generated hazardous materials?

Household hazardous waste (HHW) can adversely affect everyone’s quality of life. That’s why it is important to properly dispose of these items. The City hosts a spring clean up day for residents to drop off HHW and other items and has a complimentary grease drop off location at City Hall.  Collin County operates permanent collection centers for all County residents to drop off hazardous materials.

How can I get a copy of a fire report?

The Fire Department will provide these documents upon written request. Contact Chief Danny Anthony at .

Please allow 15 days for delivery

Who is doing my fire protection inspection for new construction-related permitted job?

The Fire Marshal’s Office will do the inspection. Please contact Leann McClendon at Lavon City Hall to schedule an inspection.

How can I request a fire prevention presentation or appearance by the Fire Department?

All Public Relations activities are handled by Tracy Filo 214-289-1728 or

How can I report possible fire code violations in a business?

Please call or email the Fire Marshal immediately.

How many fire extinguishers are required for my building?

Generally speaking all commercial buildings in the City of Lavon (including multi-family apartments) are required to have a minimum 2A10BC fire extinguisher(s) within 75 ft. of all points of the building. Also one 2A10BC extinguisher can only serve a maximum 3000sq foot area. There are also other operations and buildings that will have different requirements. We highly encourage use of more than required.

How often must I have my extinguishers tested?

Normally, once a year. We encourage business owners to sign a service contract with a local extinguisher company and have them maintain them as required by NFPA.

Are fireworks allowed in the city of Lavon?

No. It is unlawful to possess, own or discharge fireworks inside of the City of Lavon at any time.

Violators are subject to hefty fines and all fireworks may be confiscated and destroyed.

What fire code does Lavon use and how can I obtain a copy?

The City of Lavon enforces the International Fire Code, 2018 edition with local amendments.

Copies of specific topics are generally available via the internet.

What do I do if I don’t agree with my fire inspection findings?

Please call the Fire Marshal’s Office to discuss your matter, and work to resolve the situation. We are open to suggestions and there is often more than one way to fix a violation.

How often am I required to conduct a fire drill?

Group Occupancy Frequency Participation

Group Assembly Quarterly Employees

Group Educational Monthly All Occupants

Group Institutional Quarterly on each shift Employees**

Group R-1 (Hotel/Motel) Quarterly on each shift Employees

Group R-4 (Residential) Quarterly on each shift Employees**

**Fire and evacuation drills in residential care assisted living facilities shall include complete evacuation of the premises in accordance with Section 408.10.5. Where occupants received habilitation or rehabilitation training, fire prevention and fire safety practices shall be included as part of the training program.


Police Department



In any emergency immediately dial 911.

For non-emergencies call the Collin County Sheriff’s Office dispatch center at 972-547-5350.

The Lavon Police Department is dispatched by Collin County Sheriff’s office (CCSO). CCSO dispatch has the ability to contact the available officer and send any other assistance you may need.

It is important that you DO NOT call the Lavon City Hall or the Lavon Police Records Division to reach an officer. Contacting City Hall or the Lavon Police Records can significantly delay police response.




We serve and protect the community with Honor and Integrity.




Welcome to the web presence for the City of Lavon Police Department. While the Police department is the public face of crime fighting, criminal misconduct is a problem that must be addressed by the entire community. It is the duty of our police officers to suppress crime; to identify offenders once crime occurs; and to arrest offenders when appropriate. We shall perform these duties to the best of our ability. To be effective, we require and must strive to obtain, the active cooperation, assistance, and support of the citizens we serve.

Two elements are necessary for a crime to occur: the desire of the offender to commit the crime and the opportunity for him to do so. Often police efforts are intended to eliminate and minimize this opportunity. The most effective means available to the police for crime prevention is meaningful deployment of available personnel; an informed and cooperative community; and the willingness of citizens to report criminal activity. Aggressive crime prevention activities by both police personnel and citizens are necessary.

The community and our Police Officers working together will keep our City a wonderful place to live. It continues to be a pleasure and an honor to serve this outstanding community since 1999.




Chief Jones began his career in law enforcement in 1981 as a Deputy Sheriff in the State of Wyoming. Chief Jones joined the City of Lavon Police Department in 1999. He served as Chief of Police from 1999 to 2003. From 2003 to 2012 he served as the Lavon City Marshal. In 2013 Mike returned to the positon of Chief of Police, where he continues to serve the City f Lavon.

Chief Jones graduated from Texas A&M University- Commerce in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree. In 2016, he graduated from Texas A&M University- Commerce with his Master of Science in Applied Criminology. Chief Jones holds a Master Peace Officer Proficiency Certificate and is licensed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement as a law enforcement instructor. Chief Jones attended the FBI National Academy Association Texas Command College 2017.

You can contact Chief Jones at or at 972-843-4219


Patrol Division

Every officer, including the Chief of Police, serves as a part of our police patrol services. In addition to our 9 fulltime officers, Lavon Police Reserve Officers assist in providing patrol services to the City. In most cases, the Patrol Officer will be the first point of contact for our citizens.

The Patrol Division is the primary prevention and apprehension part of our agency.

The Lavon Police Department provides 24 hours a day – 7 days a week coverage for the City. Our patrol officers answer calls for service; enforce traffic laws; investigate motor vehicle collisions; take criminal reports; conduct initial investigations; respond to emergencies; provide first responder care in medical emergencies; and as representatives of law enforcement to our citizens and visitors.


Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigation Division tasked with the investigation of all major crimes in the City of Lavon. Each member of CID also serves in the Administration Division, the Patrol Division or both. CID consists of the Chief, the Patrol Lt. and an Investigator.


Crime Prevention

Vacation Watch Form – Click here

Crime prevention spans a broad spectrum of activities to include:

National Night Out

Halloween Patrol

Participation the City of Lavon Camp 911

How to make a Complaint

Texas State Law, Texas Government Code Sec 614.022 states: To be considered by the head of a state agency or by the head of a fire department or local law enforcement agency, the complaint must be: (1) in writing; and (2) signed by the person making the complaint.

If you wish to make a complaint against a law enforcement officer, you can do so by downloading and completing the complaint form  and returning the form to:

Lavon Police Department
P.O. Box 340
Lavon, TX 75166

Download a Complaint Form here.

Police Records

For copies of reports, police records or to contact the police administration, you may contact the Police Records Division at 972-843-4219.


Important 9-1-1 Information

More people are communicating wirelessly with 60 percent of the nation’s 240 million 911 calls being placed through cell phones. This raises a concern regarding the reliability of emergency calls placed through cell phones vs. landline phones.

Landline and VoIP 911 operators are significantly more likely to find callers by determining the location of their phone. More than one-third of landline and VoIP users are located in that manner compared with only 7 percent of cell callers. Landline and VoIP 911 give the operator your home address, including an apartment number if it appears on your phone bill. With cellular, operators see only geographic coordinates.

To minimize confusion and increase response time, it is important to use the following protocol when calling 911 with a cellular phone.

1. Never assume that your location can be determined

2. State the city and address of your location

3. State the type of emergency you have

4. If disconnected from 911, call back

Note to Parents: Many younger adults and children have come to rely upon their cellular phones as their only source of telecommunications. Please make them aware of the above protocol.

Human Resources

Employment Opportunities in Lavon

Check current employment opportunities

A strong sense of community pride is demonstrated as City leaders and staff team together to provide a high level of service to Lavon’s 3,200 plus residents and businesses.

The City recognizes the contributions of each employee by offering competitive benefits package and salaries.  You may download an Application for Employment or pick up a copy at Lavon City Hall, 120 School Rd., Lavon, TX 75166.

Please return completed application and resume to Lavon City Hall attn: Human Resource via mail; fax (972) 972-843-0397; or email Human Resources.

The appropriate department will schedule interviews and subsequently select the applicants to be hired. There are no time restrictions to complete the process. All applicants who are interviewed will be notified when a selection is made.

The City of Lavon is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Public Works

Charged with the important mission of maintaining the streets, drainage systems and utilities – which can often be an around-the-clock job to ensure the comfort and safety of residents and businesses.

Public Works

Please report any sanitary sewer concerns to City Hall at 972-843-4220, between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday.

After-hours emergencies call 972-547-5350

UPDATE – COVID-19 from the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD):

Here is a link to information NTMWD posted on our website to provide information to the public addressing questions about the new coronavirus (COVID-19) and water/wastewater treatment.

Here are a few key takeaways:
• Based on current evidence, the risk to water supplies is low.
• Coronaviruses (and other viruses) do not persist in chlorinated/chloraminated waters, such as those used in the water treatment process and the transmission of drinking water.
• Standard municipal wastewater system disinfection practices, including ultraviolet irradiation and/or chlorination, are effective in controlling the virus provided utilities monitor and maintain required disinfection levels during treatment.
Additionally, our team is working on plans to ensure continuity of operations if the virus should begin to effect essential personnel or their families.

We will keep you apprised of any new developments, and I encourage you to monitor the following online resources for updates:
Water Environment Federation (WEF)
Other Resources:
WHO Covid-19 Technical Brief – Water
CDC Website
CDC Water Transmission and COVID-19


Areas of Responsibility Include:

Areas of Responsibility Include:

Responsibilities & Services

The employees of the Public Works Department provide a critical public service through planning, constructing, inspecting, operating, and maintaining Lavon’s public infrastructure. All of the city streets, signs, wastewater utilities and the storm drainage systems are maintained by the public works department.

Wastewater Infrastructure

The City of Lavon collects wastewater and transports it to the city-owned Bear Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant located in the City of Lavon and operated by North Texas Municipal Water District.

Storm Water

The City of Lavon is committed to highest possible level of stormwater pollution prevention. Check out the city’s program here.

Code Enforcement:

The goal of the Code Enforcement section is to encourage code compliance, to promote community awareness and civic pride, and to enhance the quality of life for all citizens by mitigating the physical signs of neglect or disrepair through the application of City codes. The Public Works Director is the city’s Designated Representative (DR) for OSSF matters.

You may submit a complaint about a specific property by phone, e-mail, fax or in person at City Hall located at 120 School Rd. If you would like to receive a response to your complaint, please provide your name and contact information with your complaint.   **OSSF Complaint Form**

**Sanitary Sewer Services

**Street & Sign Maintenance (Report potholes)

FEC Street Light Outage:

Oncor Street Light Outage:

Report damaged street signs

**Park Maintenance

**Stormwater Management 

**Mosquito Control

**OSSF Application Packet

**OSSF Complaint Form


Director of Public Works

Director of Public Works David Carter

Lavon City Hall

120 School Rd. P.O. Box 340

Lavon, TX. 75166

P: 972-843-4220

F: 972-843-0397

Land Use and Development


The City’s professional staff are dedicated to protecting the city’s resources and environment and to ensuring high quality development in the City of Lavon. Please call 972-843-4220 or write to for assistance with any land use or development questions.

The City of Lavon regulates subdivisions and platting in the city limits and in the extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) of the City of Lavon. The city defines a subdivision as: “The division [of] a tract or parcel of land into two (2) or more parts or lots for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of sale or building development or transfer of ownership and shall include re-subdivision; or the placing of two or more houses on a single lot; or the placing of one or more additional houses on a lot that has one or more existing houses.” (Ordinance 2002-01-03)

MyGov Online Submission for Zoning, Plat Application, Site Plan, Landscape Plan, and Variance Application Click Here

For information on pending applications, please click here for Public Notices or contact .

Exciting planning initiatives are in progress in Lavon!  The Community Vision Assessment, Strategic Plan and  Comprehensive Plan Updates including the Future Land Use Map and Thoroughfare Plan were adopted by the City Council on November 19, 2019 by Ordinance No. 2019-11-05.

Within the framework of the Community Vision, the City Council approved the City of Lavon’s first Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) in July 2020.

If there are questions or comments, please let us know at .




2018-03-02 Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map

2002-01-03 Subdivision Regulations

2017-05-01 ORD Subdivision Code-Maint Bonds

2017-09-02 Ord. Subdivision Code- Adequate Public Facilities

2013-11-01 Master Comprehensive Plan

2019 Community Vision Assessment Amending the Comprehensive Plan

2003-04-01 Sign Ordinance

2017-11-01 Control of Noise Amended

2017-12-01 Ord. Public Works Construction Standards

2019-12-01 Standard Construction Details


Zoning Application

Plat Application Packet

Site Plan Application

Landscape Plan Application

Variance Application

Development Application Schedule

Beer-Wine Application Form


Fee Schedule



City Limits and ETJ Map

Zoning Map

City Annexation Map

Thoroughfare Plan

Future Land Use Map – 2019

Applications for Preliminary Plats must include:

  1. A completed City of Lavon Plat Application; and
  2. Two (2) sets of full size printed Plats (24 in. x 36 in. ); and
  3.  Ten (10) sets of half size printed Plats (11 in. x 17 in. ); and
  4. Two (2) PDF set of Plat plans (on separate CD’s); and
  5. One (1) executed Declaration of Ownership; and
  6. One (1) executed Authorization of Representation (if the applicant is not the property owner).

Applications for Final Plats must include:

  1. A completed City of Lavon Plat Application; and
  2. Two (2) sets of full size printed Plats (24 in. x 36 in. ); and
  3. Two (2) sets of full size printed Construction Plans (24 in. x 36 in. ); and
  4. Ten (10) sets of half size printed Plats (11 in. x 17 in. ); and
  5. Two (2) PDF set of Plat plans (on separate CD’s); and
  6. Two (2) PDF set of construction plans (may be include on the Plat CD’s); and
  7. One (1) executed Declaration of Ownership; and
  8. One (1) executed Authorization of Representation (if the applicant is not the property owner); and
  9. One (1) previously approved Preliminary Plat for the property*; and
  10. A storm water drainage study may be required.

Plat Applications, Plats and Construction Plans will be reviewed for compliance with: applicable City Ordinances; Administrative Rules; generally accepted engineering standards and plans for future development of the City.

All Subdivisions within the corporate boundaries of the City must conform to the City’s zoning regulations. Planned Developments are negotiated on individual basis and may involve additional requirements.

No Subdivision Plat will be approved unless the applicant and property owner is current on all fees owed to the City of Lavon.

*With the consent of the City staff and the approval of the City Council and receiving a recommendation from Planning and Zoning Commission, the City may elect to review the Preliminary Plat and Final Plat in the same review process.

Texas Attorney General Landowner Bill of Rights Document

Building Inspection


The Building Inspection Department reviews and inspects all commercial and residential building requests.

For assistance or to schedule an inspection please contact:

MyGov Online Submission for Contractor Registration, Permits, and Inspections Click Here

E-mail  (preferred method for scheduling inspections)

Inspection Line 972-853-0855

Inquiries 972-843-4220

Current Adopted Building Codes and NCTCOG Amendments

In September 2020, the City Council  adopted the following Building Codes and Amendments for all residential and commercial building projects:

2018 International Residential Code and Amendments
2018 International Building Code and Amendments
2018 International Energy Conservation Code and Amendments
2018 International Property Maintenance Code and Amendments
2018 International Mechanical Code and Amendments

2018 International Plumbing Code and Amendments

2018 Internatinoal Fuel Gas Code
2018 International Fire Code as Amended (Previously Adopted)
2017 National Electric Code and Amendments

Projects Requiring Permits

All types of residential construction work require building permits from the City of Lavon’s Building Inspection Department, including:

Accessory buildings or storage sheds
Carports, patio covers or pergolas
Swimming pools and/or spas
Residential room additions or remodels
Extending a driveway, patio or any other types of concrete work
Miscellaneous plumbing, electrical, or mechanical work; any other activity in which the owner or contractor desires to construct, enlarge, erect, alter, repair, move, demolish, convert, install, or replace a building or its utility system
Demolition of an existing building, structure or pool
Irrigation systems
Signage – promotional or permanent
Commercial – new buildings, finish-outs, remodels or additions
Roof repair

All of the above require a Permit Application. This is not an all-inclusive list. If you are unsure whether you may need a building permit, please call the Building Inspection Department at 972-843-4220. Work that begins without a permit is subject to fines and increased permit fees.

Applications & Forms

Contractor Registration Application

Commercial Building Permit Application

Residential New Construction Permit Application

Miscellaneous Building Permit Application

Comprehensive Fees

Code Enforcement

Code enforcement in the City of Lavon is handled by the Public Works Department’s Code Compliance Investigator. Code violations include but are not limited to:

Weeds and vegetation greater than 12 inches in height (excluding shrubs, bushes, trees, cultivated flowers and cultivated crops)

Nuisance violations

Dangerous rubbish piles

Depositing dirt, rubbish or brush on a public street, right of way or easement

Performing work that requires a permit without first obtaining the required permits

Construction violations

Altering the flow of storm water without a required permit

Abandoned or junk vehicles

Failure to maintain required erosion control

Failure to abate silting onto public property


Reporting Violations

Citizens wishing to report Code violations may do so by email at or by contacting the Public Works Department’s Code Compliance Investigator in person at City Hall or by phone at 972-843-4220. Be sure to include the location, type of violation suspected and any other information you feel relevant. If you want to be contacted please include contact information.



City of Lavon Utility List


Farmers Electric Cooperative (FEC)

707 A Highway 78 N
Wylie, TX 75098
Main: (800) 541-2662

Report an Outage:


Customer Contact Center: 888-313-4747
Outages: 888-313-4747

Report an Outage:


Atmos Energy

P.O. Box 650205
Dallas, Texas 75265-0205
Customer Service: (800) 460-3030
EMERGENCY Number: (800) 817-8090


Bear Creek Special Utility District

16881 CR 541
Lavon, Texas 75166
Customer Service: (972) 843-2101
EMERGENCY: (469) 628-7948
Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. & 12:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.


Refuse & Recycling Collection

P.O. 340
Lavon, Texas 75166
Customer Service: (972) 843-4220
(972) 862-4941, McKinney Landfill
Trash and Recycle Pickup: Wednesdays – set out items before 7AM


Municipal Court



Address: 501B Lincoln Ave.

(The Court office is located in the Lavon Police Department)

 P.O. Box 340

 Lavon, TX 75166

Phone: 972-843-4219

Fax: 972-843-0945

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. until noon and 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.


Judge Andrew Leonie

Court Clerk Sue Johnson


Local Rules of the Municipal Court

Judge’s Standing Orders

State’s Standing Motion No. One – Amendment and Dismissal of Complaints


Pay Fine

You may pay online or over the phone with a credit/debit card at or 1-800-272-9829. Call the Court for instructions.

You may pay via mail by check or money order mailed to Lavon Municipal Court, P.O. Box 340, Lavon, TX 75166.

You may pay by cash, check, money order or credit/debit card in the office. There is a drop box located to the right of the front door.


Court dates are scheduled once a month on SATURDAY morning. Contact the Court for information on being placed on the docket.