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Emergency Phone Numbers

Emergency - 911

Lavon Police Department

Fire Department

Collin County Sheriff

Copeville Water Supply Inc.

Lavon Water Supply Corporation

FEC Electric

TXU Electric
Power & Street Light Outages:
(888) 313-4747

ATMOS Energy
Gas Leaks 800-817-8090

800-483-1000 Residential Repair
800-483-2000 Business Repair

Weather Related School Closings
Radio: WBAP 820 AM, KGVL 1400 AM,
KIKT 93.5 FM
Television: CHANNELS 4,5,8

Calling 911

When should you call 911 and how do I call for police assistance when calling 911 is not appropriate?

911 is a dedicated number that takes you directly to you Police agency’s dispatch center. Lavon Police Department is dispatched by Collin County Sheriff’s Office and as such all 911 calls in our City will be directed there.

You should call 911 for any emergency, some examples are listed below:

  • You or another person needs medical assistance,
  • A crime is in progress.
  • A recently discovered crime (where the crime may have just occurred),
  • For fires or possible fires,
  • To report a traffic accident that just occurred.

You should call the non-emergency number (972-547-5350) for any non-emergency police assistance, some examples are listed below:

  • To talk to an officer about an ongoing case,
  • To report crimes that are not occurring and it is unlikely they just occurred,
  • To contact an officer to ask general questions.

Please note: City office phones are only answered during normal business hours.

You should call the Lavon Police Department (972-843-4219) directly to obtain records or to leave a message for an officer, when an immediate response is not required or expected, some examples are listed below:

  • To ask for a copy of a report,
  • To report a city code violation (handled by the Marshals office)
  • To contact the court about warrants or fines,
  • To obtain directions or City information.
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